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Gerald Forster

Vanessa Ly

Manon von Gerkan

Lucie Kim

Photographer & Editorial Curator of ‘the new yorkers’

Born and educated in Germany, Gerald works
and lives in New York since 1997. His photo and video installation have been nationally & internationally exhibited. When he is not working on a personal art project or on an editorial assignment, he can be seen windsurfing in Hookipa or is exploring new territories in adventures countries like Yemen,Mongolia, Syria or Ethiopia. Gerald is the
founder of ‘here we go now’

Shooter & editorial curator
of ‘an american in paris’,
‘just now’ and ‘the return’

American- French born producer &  filmmaker Vanessa Ly lives and works since 1996 in New York. In 2011 she happens to happily spend a good part of her year in Paris where she combines her love for film and fashion while producing fashion shoots. During that time she collects a photographic diary of her stay in Paris titled ‘an american in paris’.Upon her homecoming to New York in the Fall 2011 she embarks on two new journeys: ‘just now’ and
‘the return’.

Editorial curator of “Looking Back”

Manon was born and raised
in Hamburg, Germany and calls New York her home since 1992. An international model for more than half her life, Manon has indulged a lifelong obsession with
Erotica, and collected all
and everything about her
child hood which will debut
as a pictorial story board on ‘here we go now’. She is the President and Designer of Manon Von Gerkan Jewelry.

Editorial Curator of ‘what we love’.

Born in Prague and raised in Germany, Lucie ventured to New York in 1995 and is now the Creative Director at the design studio MyORB. Some-
times she makes films about stuffed pigeons.

geraldforster.com manonjewelry.com MyORB


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